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Mornington Chasers Newsletter

21 June 2015

21 June 2015


Club News
- Southern Athletics League (SAL) – Battersea meeting
- Congratulations to Izzy and Sue
- Club Kit for sale (hoodies and technical Ts)
Club activities
- Summer League and the night before
- New, free training for complete beginners
This week's training

Race results and reports

Chasers continue to travel far and wide, racing over a huge variety of distances and disciplines, from 100m to ultras, a mix of terrains and at all times of the day and night. – phew! And, yes, those personal best (pb) times continue to fall making all the hard work in training worthwhile – congratulations to you all! All the latest results received are listed below. Except for Summer League and other team results, to be included in the newsletter please email newsletter@chaser.me.uk
SAL third meeting at Battersea Park Stadium saw Seb, Chi and Nicky join the team and thoroughly enjoy the exhilarating experience of track racing. The next meeting is Saturday 4 July and the final one for this year, 15 August. Details about the events and links are available on the club website. We need volunteers as well as athletes! Please email Kelly at athletics@chaser.me.uk to register your interest and the distance / field events you would like to participate in. The SAL offers a fantastic opportunity to try out events on the track whether you are new, seasoned or wish to rediscover school day racing thrills.
Many CONGRATULATIONS to Izzy (Isabel MacIver) and Sue Ticquet who were married on Saturday in the fabulous Finsbury Old Town Hall. Wishing you both a long and happy married life together. Izzy is a long standing member of the club and an accomplished marathon runner (this year she ran Boston Marathon).
The CLUB SELLS KIT – Hoodies (20.00) – cosy cover-up for chilly days and Technical Ts (10.00) – great for club runs and summer league, in fact anytime a vest is not required. If you would like to buy these items please speak to our kit manager, Fiona, or a member of the committee. If you are not sure who people are, please see the portrait pics on our website.
CLUB HOSTS SUMMER LEAGUE event on Sunday 19 July – please put this date in your diary. We need volunteers to help set up and marshal the event plus prepare the food and, of course, run. Details about exactly what is required are to follow but if you would like to volunteer your services now please speak to Rob (Race Director for the day) or Lizzy (Summer League Organiser). Members who plan to run may also help with the food preparation and children’s events / relays once finished. We need as many people as possible to make this a fantastic event for our club so please encourage family and friends to get involved too.
On the SATURDAY EVENING, THE DAY BEFORE OUR SUMMER LEAGUE, the old Chasers brigade is planning a reunion at the Pineapple. If you would like to join them and share some food, beer and chat you are most welcome. Please let Seb know who is in contact with founder member Gerry Naughton.
Gerry sent the following information about the event and the original members who are attending:
‘Many of the 'original' Chasers gather for a re-union in the Back Room of the Pineapple Pub on Saturday evening 18th July 2015 from 7pm.
Those attending include founding members or members involved with the club during the development years of the late 80s and early 90s. The reunion coincides with the visit of Helen and David Winter from Australia. Helen was the first women's captain of Mornington Chasers. David was a men's vice-captain. Lisa Kaye, Mary Ross, Julia Meyersohn and Cecilia Chapman, who were present for the formation of the women's team back in Septembr 1987 are also attending.
Many others who helped build the Chasers into such a unique running/social movement are also attending: including Steve Knattress, Mansour Radjabi, Gary & Teresa Meakins, Phil Bond, Martin McGuinness, Sarah Rosewarne and Paul & Elin Harraghy. Former members of the club's youth section, including Helen Tekie, Lucy Laker and Hassan Raffai may also attend. This is a unique opportunity for the present-day members of the Club to meet and greet the 'old brigade'. So please feel welcome to come and join us!’
Do you have plans to, or currently use the PARLIAMENT HILL TRACK for training at times other than just during club training sessions? If so, please contact Andrea at newsletter@chaser.me.uk with details.
Do you have friends, family or colleagues who would love to run but are not quite there yet? Adult beginners can now sign up on line for a new free training programme on Saturdays at 0945 on Hampstead Heath. The goal is to build fitness and confidence and help people to run continuously for 5K. The club is producing flyers to help promote this new initiative and it is hoped to encourage people from the local community to participate. The start date is to be confirmed but probably around mid-July. For further details and the registration form visit www.chaser.me.uk
Meet at Talacre Mezzanine Level at 1900 for briefing and 1915 departure.
Coached session with Andrea – with mile-relays on the horizon and time trial next week (30 June), this week we take a break from speed endurance and focus on short fast reps with very long recoveries. An intensive, supportive session for all levels but not recommended for people returning from injury or marathons!
Choice of summer runs which may include, across Hampstead Heath and beyond, The Regent's Park or Madame Tussauds, from 5 to 6 or up to 10 miles at various speeds depending on who is available to lead the groups.
Potential new members are welcome to try us out on a Tuesday night so are frequently spotted within our runs!
Tea and biscuits after the run on the Mezzanine Level at Talacre.

Yoga - club subsidised yoga class, 1900 to 2000 at Talacre. Led by runner and yoga teacher Amy, yoga is the perfect way to complement your running. £5 for members and £8.00 for non-members. Sign-up at http://15o9.mj.am/link/15o9/jugpujt/1/8xidwSS90iO-y9mCxQJJtA/aHR0cDovL2dvby5nbC80YjNjTGw
Hannah is planning various BIKE SESSIONS (Swains Lane reps often at 0630 on Wednesday mornings) please see our Facebook page for updates.

Sessions run by our coach Tom Craggs are for all members and are designed to develop and inspire excellence whatever your chosen discipline. Tom has recently coached several members to impressive personal best times and competition results in a mix of events, distances and championships. Please meet at Talacre for easy run to the session venue.
25 June TRACK; 2 July HILLS
Long run from Talacre at 0900 - usually a minimum of 10 miles and suitable for experienced runners. For details please see posts on our Facebook page.
Triathlon England London League
We are one of the participating clubs in the Triathlon England London League. Please visit the club website for details of the races listed on the events page or www.triathlonengland.org.uk

To include your results in the newsletter please email Andrea (newsletter@chaser.me.uk) with the details. A brief description of what you thought of the race and if you would recommend it to others would be great too, but not essential. There is no need to send results from Club races such as Summer League, Southern Athletics League and Cross Country as these are gathered by the team captains / event managers.

Fab day out in Battersea and terrific performances from all the Chasers. The team is growing and it's great to see people trying new distances and developing the ones they feel comfortable with.
Chi Ifeado: 100m 16.6; 200m 34.7
David Renton: 400m 1.04.4; 1500m 4.55.
Seb Rule: 800m 2.29.0; 5000m 18.41.3
Petra Marton: 2000m steeplechase 9.37.8
Jonny Miesner: 1500m 4.28.5
David Hidasi: 5000m 18.53.3
Nicky Timmins: 1500m 5.21.0
Andrea Sanders-Reece: 800m 2.57.4; 1500m 6.01.7
(I'd forgotten how odd it feels to race 800m and how much it hurts - but fab once recovered)
Mauricio Saldias 16:03
MIDNIGHT SUN MARATHON, Saturday night 20/21 June
‘Two big climbs and running in the middle of the night made it a tough one.’
Mel Lomax 3:51 (pb)
GO TRI DUATHLON, Monday, 8 June
Very low key event organised by Capital Tri to encourage people to give multi-sport a try – also useful for practicing at the velopark!
Super Sprint (1 mile run, 5 mile cycle, 1 mile run)
Hannah McQuarrie 32:31 (1st woman)
Sprint (2 miles, 10 miles, 2 miles)
Andrea Sanders-Reece 1:03:30 (1st woman)

Sunday 21 June
‘Deff wins the prize for the oddest end of race goodies – handed a pack of raw spaghetti at the finish line.’
Ben Barker 41:47
‘A nice multiterrain race over the Somerset hills. Pretty hairy in parts: an over-excited cow went a bit nuts and knocked down the runner behind me.’
Patrick Gilmore 46:42
Angharad Gilmore 49:34 (pb)
Chi Ifeacho 62:00 (first ever 10K)
Yoel Marson 41:01

(2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 1 mile run)
Andrea Sanders-Reece 56:21 (pb for course and 1st W50)
(7:19 + 8:18 (inc 1st transition) + 33:26.8 (inc 2nd transition) + 7:16.2


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