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Mornington Chasers Newsletter

14 June 2015

14 June 2015


Club News
- Pbs and more
- Summer League, help needed and results
- Southern Athletics League
- Club Championships
- Volunteering for the club
- Southern Athletics League – next meeting
- New, free training for complete beginners
This week's training / activities
Race results and reports

Personal best times continue to tumble at every distance and type of event. For many people these improvements are not merely a few seconds but one or more minutes. Congratulations to you all and long may it continue! The results are listed at the end of the newsletter but before you jump there, please read the news items in particular about the Summer League event we are hosting. Thank you.
CLUB HOSTS SUMMER LEAGUE event on Sunday 19 July – please put this date in your diary. We need volunteers to help set up and marshal the event plus prepare the food and, of course, run. Details about exactly what is required are to follow but if you would like to volunteer your services now please speak to Rob (Race Director for the day) or Lizzy (Summer League Organiser). Members who plan to run may also help with the food preparation and children’s events / relays once finished. We need as many people as possible to make this a fantastic event for our club so please encourage family and friends to get involved too.
SUMMER LEAGUE individual results from Dulwich are listed below. Updated team positions to follow in due course. Congratulations to everyone who ran at Headstone Manor today.
LAST YEAR’S WINNERS. If you missed collecting your award at Dulwich for last year, the trophies are at the club (thanks to Fiona for collecting these on behalf of absent members). A list of the available prizes is included in the results section - it is possibly incomplete.
On the SATURDAY EVENING, THE DAY BEFORE OUR SUMMER LEAGUE, the old Chasers brigade is planning to book a room at the Pineapple, Kentish Town at 19:00. If you would like to join them and share some food, beer and chat you are most welcome. Please let Seb know who is in contact with founder member Gerry.
Due to Cabbage Patch being cancelled, this year the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RACE is to be The Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10K on Sunday, 1 November. Please state that you are a member of Mornington Chasers when you sign up and pay online at www.nice-work.org.uk If you are new to the club this is a fabulous way to experience a race that we have long been associated with and is the source of most of our funds.
Money raised over the years from the winter series 10Ks in the Regent’s Park keeps our subscription rates low and enables us to include many additional benefits for members free of charge (coaching, tea and biscuits, fees for cross country and summer league etc). To ensure we keep this valuable source of funds, volunteers from the club are actively encouraged to marshal at the events which run from October to March. Please email the organisers and say that you are from Mornington Chasers and which event you would like to marshal. Free entry to one of the races is given as an added bonus.
Volunteers are needed for the Southern Athletics League meetings. This is a great opportunity to be part of our newly formed athletics team and experience the thrill of field and track events by helping with the events. Tasks vary and may include lap counting or raking the long-jump pit. Volunteers score points for the club. Event participants are also welcome for the next meeting on Saturday 20 June. The meetings are team events for the afternoon and everyone is encouraged to stay and support members if possible. To be part of the team please contact Kelly at athletics@chaser.me.uk
Do you have plans to, or currently use the PARLIAMENT HILL TRACK for training at times other than just during club training sessions? If so, please contact Andrea at newsletter@chaser.me.uk with details.
Adult beginners can now sign up on line for a new free training programme on Saturdays at 0945 on Hampstead Heath run by our club. The goal is to build fitness and confidence and help people to run continuously for 5K. The club is producing flyers to help promote this new initiative and it is hoped to encourage people from the local community to participate. If you have friends or colleagues who are interested they are welcome to sign up too. The start date is to be confirmed but probably around mid-July. For further details and the registration form visit www.chaser.me.uk
Meet at Talacre Mezzanine Level at 1900 for briefing and 1915 departure.
Coached session with Andrea (advance notice - next mile time trial 30 June)
Choice of summer runs which may include, across Hampstead Heath and beyond, The Regent's Park or Madame Tussauds, from 5 to 6 or up to 10 miles at various speeds depending on who is available to lead the groups.
Potential new members are welcome to try us out on a Tuesday night so are frequently spotted within our runs!
Tea and biscuits after the run on the Mezzanine Level at Talacre.

Yoga - club subsidised yoga class, 1900 to 2000 at Talacre. Led by runner and yoga teacher Amy, yoga is the perfect way to complement your running. £5 for members and £8.00 for non-members. Sign-up at http://15o9.mj.am/link/15o9/jpmnogt/2/Fw5F1Z5mr9CsiFCk7Edd7w/aHR0cDovL2dvby5nbC80YjNjTGw
Hannah is planning various BIKE SESSIONS (Swains Lane reps often at 0630 on Wednesday mornings) please see our Facebook page for updates.

Sessions run by our coach Tom Craggs are for all members and are designed to develop and inspire excellence whatever your chosen discipline. Tom has recently coached several members to impressive personal best times and competition results in a mix of events, distances and championships. Please meet at Talacre for easy run to the session venue.
18 June TRACK; 25 June TRACK
Southern Athletics League – Battersea
Please contact Kelly at athletics@chaser.me.uk to be part of the team and let her know which events you would like to do. The meeting runs from 1200 to 1700 (including relays). For dates, details and timetable please use links on the Chaser events page.
Long run from Talacre at 0900 - usually a minimum of 10 miles and suitable for experienced runners. For details please see posts on our Facebook page.
Triathlon England London League
We are one of the participating clubs in the Triathlon England London League. Please visit the club website for details of the races listed on the events page or www.triathlonengland.org.uk

To include your results in the newsletter please email Andrea (newsletter@chaser.me.uk) with the details. A brief description of what you thought of the race and if you would recommend it to others would be great too, but not essential. There is no need to send results from Club races such as Summer League, Southern Athletics League and Cross Country as these are gathered by the team captains / event managers.

Please note that Fiona Russell’s result is currently missing and this is currently being investigated. Expect relay results and team positions to follow at some point.

12        00:29:58          Neil Kirkham           SM
14        00:30:09          Dave Glencross        SM
18        00:30:49          John Armstrong        V40
19        00:31:24          Sebastian Rule          SM
22        00:32:02          Adrian Cathersides    SM
29        00:32:34          Mike Hurford             V55
31        00:32:57          David Renton             V40
43        00:33:45          John Lynch                 V55
57        00:34:52          Patrick Gilmore          V40
76        00:36:43          Cecilia Johansson      SL
85        00:37:13          Danielle Smreczak     FV35
87        00:37:14          Emma Hayward         SL
88        00:37:16          Lynne Connolly          FV50
95        00:37:59          Mark Hipshon             V55
100      00:38:24          Vernon Clement          V55
118      00:40:06          Eamonn Byrne            V50
125      00:40:49          Alice Sullivan              FV40
137      00:41:45          Helen Bowdren           FV35
161      00:45:32          Bobby Howe               V65
185      00:49:00          Peter Torre                  V70
201      00:55:43          John Bickley               V55
Neil Kirkham 17:13
Annaka Charters 19:11
Patrick Gilmore 20:32
Aideen Dunne 23:53
‘It was an incredible race. Triathlons are expensive, but it was worth it. Impeccably organised, wonderful volunteers that high fived us on the run, volunteers helping us to rack up, an amazing race brief-er, who warmed us up, a beautiful course... And most of all an incredible bunch of Chaser ladies to train and race with! I'm indebted to Sarah for giving me the courage to enter, to Sarah and Kelly Thorneycroft for helping me learn to swim front crawl just 8 months ago, and all the gang for their constant encouragement and enthusiasm. Thanks to all triathloning Chasers for their advice along the way too. A great event. Can't recommend it enough.’ Hannah McQuarrie
(Transition times in brackets)
Jonathan Thomson
13:34 (3:34) 37:14 (1:33) 21:49 = 1:17:32
Sarah Brogden
16:26 (4:27) 47:22 (1:57) 26:25 = 1:36:34
Hannah McQuarrie
18:53 (5:49) 43:22 (2:35) 30:08 = 1:40:55
Angharad Gilmore
17:54 (5:00) 46:49 (1:51) 30:14 = 1:41:46
Tashia Pillay
16:43 (4:49) 51:23 (2:01) 28:52 = 1:43:45
Nicola Heron
28:23 (6:39) 45:17 (2:35) 25:38 – 1:48:31
Becky Johnston
24:49 (4:41) 53:03 (2:57) 26:54 = 1:52:22
Phil Tysoe 1:22:05 (pb)
Seb Rule 1:26:44 (pb)
In an iconic race that reflects the current spirit of the City - from the old to the new and a construction site thrown in too - we ran as fast as we could to the sound of bells from St Paul’s and drums from the ‘City beat’. Cheered on by crowds and across the line with commentary by Tom Craggs and Simon Freeman, this was a remarkable occasion and free to enter. Roll on next year!
Jonny Meisner 4:49
Jonathan Thomson 5:15 (and after yesterday’s triathlon!)
Ronan Hoare 5:23
Annaka Charters 5:52
Rebecca Bryant 6:32
Andrea Sanders-Reece 6:34
Your awards are at the club if you were unable to collect at Dulwich.
Mairead O’Rourke Senior Ladies 1st
Fiona Russell FV45 1st
Alex Kitromilides V40 1st 
Mike Hurford V55 1st 
Theo Hurford MU20 1st 
Bobby Howe V75 2nd
John Armstrong V40 2nd
Will McNulty Senior Men 3rd
Medals won by children
Age 12 3rd 
Age 8 2nd
MU19 3rd