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Mornington Chasers Newsletter

1 March 2015

1 March 2015

Club News
Membership fees
Club vests
Weekly diary: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Summer League
Triathlon England London League
Track racing and Southern Athletics League
Race results and brief reports


Congratulations to Will McNulty (1st in the Eton Dorney half marathon on Saturday and Lizzy Muggeridge for a new pb at our Regent's park 10K on Sunday) and to all of you who raced this weekend. If you would like your results recorded in the newsletter please send them to me, I know more of you raced this weekend!

The Events Calendar is now available on our website. Summer League, Southern Althletics League and London Triathlon League plus a few sundry dates are now all listed plus social events (pub night) and links where appropriate to entry or further information.

This year's first date for Summer League is 31 May and hosted by Dulwich Park Runners. Team and individual age-group prizes for last year are handed out at the end of the relays. More Summer League info below.

Highgate Harriers Open Early Season Athletics Meeting is on the evening of 15 April. A great way to test your performance before the Southern Athletics League starts. Sprints plus 800m and 5000m races. The 5000m is filling up fast so early booking highly recommended. www.highgateharriers.org.uk for details.

Night of the 10,000m pbs is on 16 May at Parliament Hill track. This fabulous event is free to spectators and a chance to get really close to some of the best running talent in the UK (cheer from the outside lanes) - bring picnics, family and friends to this unique athletics experience. There are usually a few Chasers to cheer too. Details about who is taking part in future newsletters.

If you’ve not yet paid your subs for 2015, please do so online through the new easy system http://www.chaser.me.uk/joining.shtml
Membership runs to 31 December 2015. And if you need a reminder of all the many benefits your membership brings please check out the re-designed website.
Thank you!

As a paid up member of the Mornington Chasers you get to own and wear our distinctive club vest. If you do not yet have one of these coverted runners must-haves, please print out the Pay-Pal membership confirmation email and bring it along on a Tuesday evening to claim your vest from one of the team captains or committee members.

Meet at Talacre Mezzanine Level at 1900 for briefing and 1915 departure.
Choice of group runs from 5 to 8.5 miles at various speeds.
Coached session often available – details announced in the briefing at 1900.
The last Tuesday of the month is usually coached by Avril and is suitable for all levels.
Once a month it is planned to have a mile time-trial round the inner-circle at Regent’s Park – an exellent way to map your progress.
All Tuesday runs are followed by tea, soft-drinks and biscuits at Talacre (please volunteer at least once a year to provide this vital service – details of the very simple duties are on the website).
First Tuesday of the month – pub night.

Yoga - subsidised yoga class, 1900 to 2000 at Talacre. Led by runner and yoga teacher Amy, yoga is the perfect way to complement your running. £5 for members and £8.00 for non-members. Sign-up at http://goo.gl/4b3cLl

Coached sessions run by Tom Craggs designed for all members. Tom usually provides two programmes, one for endurance running (10K and upwards) and the other for middle-distance (800-5000m). Over the next few weeks, sessions alternate between hills and track.
5 March, HILLS, 12 March, TRACK
Thursday pub nights, approximately every six weeks, see the events calendar and future newsletters for dates.

Long run – these runs are generally for members who can run a minimum of 10 miles non-stop. Except when there are Summer League races taking place, runs from Talacre on Sunday mornings usually start at 0900. Please check our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute info as times and pace groups do vary.

The Summer League is a series of five Sunday morning 'inter-club race events' run over the summer. Each 'event' includes an adult race of either 5 miles or 10K, a one-mile tenderfoot race for children, a very short parent and toddler race and 400m relays that involve just about everyone. If you have children they are very welcome to participate for the club making these a terrific family outing. The host club lays on a feast, marshals and organises their event. Points are scored with team and individual prizes at the end of each season presented at the start of the next. Lizzy Muggeridge is our Summer Series organiser this year. We lost the Club cup last year and it would be great to win it back again in 2015!

Triathlon England London League
We are one of the participating clubs in the Triathlon England London League. Each person pays their own entry fee into individual races and there are 9 adult races in the series. Everyone who enters can have an effect on the team results and there are also prizes for individual performances. Each race is different with a mix of pools and open water swimming, cycling on roads and closed circuits and running on and off road. And, of course, there are always fabulous cakes!

Races usually sell out quickly, so if you’re interested please book when you can and include that you are a member of Mornington Chasers. For full details and how to enter links visit www.triathlonengland.org.uk

Triathlon at Mornington Chasers is in its infancy but increasingly members are enjoying the benefits that cross-training can bring; we hope to develop this further in 2015. If you would like to know more or have experience you would like to share, please contact Andrea (andsand795@hotmail.com).

Kelly Thorneycroft is organising our debut season in the SOUTHERN ATHLETICS LEAGUE. We join in Division 3 NE. Please register your interest with Kelly and your preferred distance. Track races are from 100m to 3000m for women and 5000m for men. Field events are available and officials/volunteers can also score points for the club. Team selection for each event to be made closer to the date.

Everyone is encouraged to have a go at track racing: a fantastic way to put all that track training to use, to sharpen your speed and race tactics. And, you have all your team mates cheering you on!

For further details please contact Kelly (athletics@chaser.me.uk) and visit www.southernathletics.org.uk for a list of all the events, past results and more.

If you are aged over 35 you can race in 'Masters' events. Our regional club which provides affiliation to British Masters Athletics Federation and opens up the opporjtunity to participate in national and international events, is Veterans AC, www.vetsac.org.uk for details.

To include your results in the newsletter, please email Andrea (andsand795@hotmail.com) with the details. A one sentence sound-bite summary of what you thought of the race and if you would recommend it to others would be great too. 

A great race, really well organised, through the beautiful Kent countryside and well supported (there was even a ukulele band at one point). It is defininitely not a flat course with a substantial mile long hill around the half way point but that shouldn't be any trouble for we intrepid Chasers after a winter of running up Highgate Hill!

Gary Clarke 1:28:53 
Will McNulty 1:14:12 1st (out of 490) 
Gareth Jones 1:28:30

Hannah McQuarrie 1:49:52

Mike Shelton 1:32:38

Lizzy Muggeridge 58:25