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Resign Your Membership

We're sorry to see you go. If you are moving out of the area we all wish you the best on your new life and we hope we will still bump into you at races. If you are injured or unable to run we hope that you will heal.

If you are leaving because of something we have done wrong, then let us know why using the form below. You may also want to contact our welfare officer to see if they can help.

To resign your membership please enter your email address and date of birth into the form below. We'll then send you a link by email that you should use to complete the resignation process.

Date of Birth: (dd/mm/yy)
Main reason for resigning: Leaving the area
Change of work or family commitments
Injured due to running
Ill or injured but not due to running
I've achieved my running goals
Everyone in the club is too fast
Everyone in the club is too slow
Too expensive
Other, please specify:
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