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Running Together

We would like to encourage our members to keep running together while following current social distancing guidelines.

To help you do this, any member can add a run to our calendar and other members can then sign up.

Members can arrange runs for any time and any location they like, but they are mostly concentrated around our regular training times with hour long runs across Hampstead Heath on Tuesdays, track and hill training on Thursdays and long runs on Sundays.

If you want to organise a run that is open to any Chaser, please do this via the calendar rather than just posting on social media. You can then post a link on social media.

If you want to join a run, then please sign up via the calendar as numbers will be limited and we also wish to keep track of who has run together. If you can no longer make it, please also cancel so someone else can take your place and so we have a record that you didn't join the run.

If you do fall ill, please contact our welfare officer, Laurie, who is also acting as our club's coronavirus officer.

The number of runs that can start in any one location at any one time are limited and each group is limited to six. When organising a run, you might need to change the time by five minutes or so or choose a slightly different location. For example, you can meet in the small park by Talacre called Talacre Town Green rather than directly in front of Talacre center.

If you have organised a run you can go to your run on the calendar and then perform a number of admin tasks if needed. Firstly, you can find the in-case-of-emergency details of anyone who has joined you run. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it's good to know its there. Secondly you can email everyone on your run if there is a change of plan and you can edit the run details, or delete the run entirely, if something has changed.