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London Marathon Schedule 2020

This schedule assumes you are already able to run for 1h30 continuously.


The schedule shown is for a runner hoping to complete a MARATHON race in a time of 04:20:00.

No optional days selected.

Full Schedule:

Use our pace calculator to find out more about the terms used in the schedule.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1
 Paddington. 5 miles Easy (55 mins) 4-5 x {800m (5k) [200m jog]}. Total distance 4000m + 800m recovery.  9 miles Easy (1h40)
30 Dec to 05 Jan
Week 2
 2 x 10min Kenyan Hills 1600m (10m) [3min] 4 x {400m (1m) [2min]} 1600m (10m). Total distance 4800m.  11 miles Easy (2h02)
06 Jan to 12 Jan
Week 3
 2x15min Kenyan Hills  4 x {1600m (10m) [3min]}. Total distance 6400m. Slower runners should do 1200m reps.  Fred Hughes 10 or Benfleet 15
13 Jan to 19 Jan
Week 4
 Highgate. 7 miles Steady (1h11) 5-6 x {800m (5k) [200m jog]}. Total distance 4800m + 1000m recovery.  9 miles Easy (1h40)
20 Jan to 26 Jan
If you don't run the Southern cross country champs, do the Sunday run at a steady pace.
Week 5
 Highgate. 7 miles Steady (1h11) 3x {1000m (10k) [2min] 1000m (10m) [2min]} - Total distance 6000m  4 miles Easy, 4 miles Steady, 3 miles Race Pace (1h55)
27 Jan to 02 Feb
Why not do the fast bit of your Sunday run at Regent's Park 10K? Alternatively, do your long run on Saturday with the fast bit at the Chingford League
Week 6
 2x20min Kenyan Hills 5 x {1600m (10m) [2min]}. Total distance 8000m. Slower runners should do 1200m reps.  12 miles Easy (2h13)
03 Feb to 09 Feb
Week 7
 Highgate. 7 miles Steady (1h11) Beer Mile and/or Pyramid: 400m (3k) [60s] 800m (5k) [90s] 1200m (5k) [3min] 1200m (5k) [2min] 800m (5k) [90s] 400m (3k) - Total distance 4800m. One 1200m can be dropped.  13 miles Easy (2h24)
10 Feb to 16 Feb
Week 8
 Highgate. 5 miles Easy, 2 miles Threshold (1h14) 6-8 x{800m (5k) [400m jog]}- 6400m hard, 3200 easy.  16 miles Easy (2h57)
17 Feb to 23 Feb
"If you prefer, do this session next Sunday and instead race the Wokingham half marathon"
Week 9
 Highgate. 7 miles Steady (1h11) 10x200m(1m) [200m jog]  3 miles Easy, 3 miles Steady, 5 miles Race Pace (1h53)
24 Feb to 01 Mar
Why not do the fast bit of your Sunday run at Regent's Park 10K?
Week 10
 Highgate. 7 miles Easy (1h17) 1600m (10m) [2min] 3x800m (5k) (400m jog) 4x200m (1m) [200m jog] - total 4800m hard, 2000m easy  18 miles Easy (3h19)
02 Mar to 08 Mar
Week 11
 Highgate. 4 miles Easy, 2 miles Race Pace (1h04) 8-10 x{800m (5k) [2m]}- 8000m hard  11 miles Easy (2h02)
09 Mar to 15 Mar
Week 12
 Highgate. 4 miles Easy, 2 miles Race Pace (1h04) Pyramid: 400m (5k) [60s] 800m (5k) [90s] 1200m (5k) [2min] 1600m (5k) [3min] 1200m (5k) [2min] 800m (5k) [90s] 400m (5k) - 6400m total. Middle 1600m can be dropped.  Gade Valley 20 miles. If it will take you longer than 2h45, do it at 100% easy pace. Otherwise if it will take you longer than 2h15, max 6 miles race pace. Faster runners can do 50% at race pace.
16 Mar to 22 Mar
This Sunday is a race day preparation race. Don't go mad, do no more at race pace than suggested, and if you're not feeling it, take it easy throughout.
Week 13
 Paddington. 5 miles Easy (55 mins) 3x{6 min marathon pace, 6 min 10K pace}  13 miles Easy (2h24)
23 Mar to 29 Mar
Maybe a headtorch run on Tuesday?
Week 14
 2 x Outer circle (Half marathon pace) [3 min recovery] 6x {400m (10m) 400m (Easy)} No recovery - total 4800m  Paddock Wood Half Marathon
30 Mar to 05 Apr
Week 15
 Heath. 6 miles Steady (1h01) 12 x 400m (1m) [200m walk]  4 miles Easy, 4 miles Steady, 3 miles Race Pace (1h55)
06 Apr to 12 Apr
Week 16
 Heath. 6 miles Steady (1h01) Marathon pace fartlek, 1hr  8 miles Easy (1h29)
13 Apr to 19 Apr
Week 17
 12x200m strides. Jog recovery 2 miles Easy (22 mins)  Race Day
20 Apr to 26 Apr
This week take it easy in every way. Don't waste energy on other things like work, housework, gardening or sightseeing. Just chill. Start carb loading on Thursday evening.



It's important to be flexible out your schedule. This plan is just an outline and it is important to pay attention to how you feel. Here are some tips: