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Fending off those mince pies

A gradual increase of distance on the Sunday runs will prepare you for distance training in spring. During the week, the focus is on strength.


The schedule shown is for a runner hoping to complete a HALF MARATHON race in a time of 02:00:00.

No optional days selected.

Full Schedule:

Use our pace calculator to find out more about the terms used in the schedule.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1
 Chasers Tuesday 4 x 800 (10k) [400m float]  8 miles Easy (1h25)
18 Nov to 24 Nov
Week 2
 Chasers Tuesday 3000m time trial, 3-5 mins rest, 4 x 200m (1 mile) [200m jog]  10 miles or Regent's Park 10km
25 Nov to 01 Dec
Week 3
 Chasers Tuesday 4 x (400m (3k), 400m (5k), 400m (10k) [90s])  11 miles Easy (1h56)
02 Dec to 08 Dec
Week 4
 Chasers Tuesday 4x (400m (10k), 400m (5k), 200m (3k), 200m (mile) [90s])  10 miles Easy (1h46)
09 Dec to 15 Dec
Week 5
 Chasers Tuesday Festive oregon circuits - 400m fast followed by circuit exercises for 20secs as called by the coach e.g. squats, push ups, burpees, squat thrusts, lunges, plank, sit ups, high knees, leg raises. 25 min total duration.  11 miles Easy (1h56)
16 Dec to 22 Dec
Week 6
 Whatever you want to do. Merry Xmas! No track - do 5x 1,600m (5k) [2min])  11 miles Easy (1h56)
23 Dec to 29 Dec



It's important to be flexible out your schedule. This plan is just an outline and it is important to pay attention to how you feel. Here are some tips: