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Double trouble, Cabbage Patch & St Neots

A schedule to keep pace in the legs from the 10k season and add endurance for 10 mile & 1/2 marathon distance. There are regular "tempo" runs on Tuesday which should be run at between threshold and half marathon pace.


The schedule shown is for a runner hoping to complete a HALF MARATHON race in a time of 02:00:00.

No optional days selected.

Full Schedule:

Use our pace calculator to find out more about the terms used in the schedule.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Week 1
 Tuesday club runs 10x 400m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 4000m  6 miles Easy (1h03)
12 Aug to 18 Aug
Week 2
 Tempo Tuesday: Jog to RP, 30 min tempo, jog back. 10x 600m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 6000m (option of 8-9x)  6 miles Easy (1h03)
19 Aug to 25 Aug
Week 3
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 8x 800m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 6400m (option of 6-7x)  7 miles Easy (1h14)
26 Aug to 01 Sep
Week 4
 Tempo Tuesday: Jog to RP, 40 min tempo, jog back. 5x (400m (10k) into 400m (3k) into 200m (mile)) [2min]. Total distance 5000m (Option of 4x)  7 miles Easy (1h14)
02 Sep to 08 Sep
Week 5
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 6x (400m (10k) into 400m (3k) into 200m (mile)) [2min]. Total distance 6000m (Option of 4-5x)  6 miles Easy (1h03)
09 Sep to 15 Sep
Week 6
 Tempo Tuesday: Jog to RP, 40 min tempo, jog back. 8x 800m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 6400m (option of 6-7x)  8 miles Easy (1h25)
16 Sep to 22 Sep
Week 7
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 7x 1,000m (5k) [3min]. Total distance 7000m (Option of 5-6x)  10 miles Easy (1h46)
23 Sep to 29 Sep
Week 8
 Tempo Tuesday: Jog to RP, 45 min tempo, jog back. 35 minute Paarlauf (5k)  5 miles Easy (53 mins)
30 Sep to 06 Oct
Week 9
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 5x 800m (10 mile) [2min]  Cabbage Patch 10 mile race
07 Oct to 13 Oct
Week 10
 Tuesday club runs 10x 600m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 6000m (option of 5+ reps for beginners and intermediate)  12 miles Easy (2h07)
14 Oct to 20 Oct
Week 11
 Tempo Tuesday: Jog to RP, 35 min tempo, jog back. 4-8x 800m (5k) [2min]. Total distance 6400m  13 miles Easy (2h17)
21 Oct to 27 Oct
Week 12
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 4-7x 1000m (5k) [3min]. Total distance 7000m  6 miles Easy (1h03)
28 Oct to 03 Nov
Week 13
 Spooky Run Pyramid 400m (3k) [60s], 800m (5k) [90s], 1200m (5k) [2min], 1600m (10k) [3min], 1200m (5k) [2min], 800m (5k) [90s], 400m (3k) [60s] (option of full, all bar the 1600m, or all bar 1600m and one 1200m)  8 miles Easy (1h25)
04 Nov to 10 Nov
Week 14
 Tuesday coached session with John & Lauren 10x 400m (1/2 mara) [1 min]  St Neots 1/2 marathon
11 Nov to 17 Nov



It's important to be flexible out your schedule. This plan is just an outline and it is important to pay attention to how you feel. Here are some tips: