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Race Results

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Individual Results

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Vincent Murray

Power of 10 id: 1007418

Results are mostly downloaded automatically from the Power of 10. Members can also enter additional results for events not on the Power of 10. Login to edit your Power of 10 id, to enter results or to edit this page.

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Results by Year


10 Augparkrun20:2820Hampstead Heath parkrun # 429Hampstead Heath63.93%
03 Augparkrun18:412Jamaica Pond parkrun # 73Jamaica Pond, USA70.03%
13 Julparkrun21:0835Hampstead Heath parkrun # 425Hampstead Heath61.91%
29 Junparkrun19:0711Harlow parkrun # 246Harlow68.44%
22 Junparkrun18:089Southwark parkrun # 293Southwark72.15%
21 JunMile5:22.32Golden Stag Mile OpenFinsbury Park69.40%
15 Junparkrun19:015Ormeau parkrun # 306Ormeau68.80%
01 Junparkrun19:279Hampstead Heath parkrun # 419Hampstead Heath67.10%
27 May10K42:1438:301227513Vitality London 10,000London69.44%
25 Mayparkrun19:2721Highbury Fields parkrun # 400Highbury Fields67.10%
18 Mayparkrun18:498Lowestoft parkrun # 186Lowestoft69.35%
27 Aprparkrun18:389Highbury Fields parkrun # 396Highbury Fields70.04%
20 Aprparkrun18:381Elagin Ostrov parkrun # 247Elagin Ostrov, RUS70.04%
06 Aprparkrun19:0781Hampstead Heath parkrun # 411Hampstead Heath68.27%
30 Marparkrun19:157Hampstead Heath parkrun # 410Hampstead Heath67.79%
09 Marparkrun19:0111Stormont parkrun # 185Stormont68.62%
02 Marparkrun18:5619Finsbury Park parkrun # 458Finsbury Park68.93%
16 Febparkrun18:337St Annes parkrun # 272St Annes, IRL70.35%
09 Febparkrun20:4016Hampstead Heath parkrun # 403Hampstead Heath63.15%
12 Janparkrun23:4286Hampstead Heath parkrun # 400Hampstead Heath55.06%

24 Novparkrun18:4510Finsbury Park parkrun # 443Finsbury Park69.60%
10 Novparkrun18:369Southwark parkrun # 260Southwark70.16%
20 Octparkrun18:4471Jersey parkrun # 159Jersey69.66%
06 Octparkrun19:0011Finsbury Park parkrun # 436Finsbury Park68.68%
29 Sepparkrun18:5951Highbury Fields parkrun # 364Highbury Fields68.74%
22 Sepparkrun20:0112Ally Pally parkrun # 344Ally Pally65.20%
08 Sepparkrun19:297Hampstead Heath parkrun # 383Hampstead Heath66.98%
18 Augparkrun19:0831Comber parkrun # 215Comber68.21%
11 Augparkrun19:0011Highbury Fields parkrun # 357Highbury Fields68.68%
04 Augparkrun19:3510Hampstead Heath parkrun # 378Hampstead Heath66.64%
28 Julparkrun20:1718Hampstead Heath parkrun # 377Hampstead Heath64.34%
30 Junparkrun19:4526Highbury Fields parkrun # 352Highbury Fields66.08%

04 Octparkrun22:2935Hampstead Heath parkrun # 180Hampstead Heath57.75%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 71.90%

This equates to a race time of 19:54

The race this is based on is: Southwark parkrun # 293 2019-06-22