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Race Results

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Individual Results

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rebecca taylor

Power of 10 id: 978144

Results are mostly downloaded automatically from the Power of 10. Members can also enter additional results for events not on the Power of 10. Login to edit your Power of 10 id, to enter results or to edit this page.

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Results by Year


03 Augparkrun23:24761Hampstead Heath parkrun # 428Hampstead Heath66.60%
27 Julparkrun24:19451Hampstead Heath parkrun # 427Hampstead Heath64.08%
21 Jul10K00:46:31129Summer LeagueRegent's Park69.12%
13 Julparkrun23:09771Hampstead Heath parkrun # 425Hampstead Heath67.31%
06 Julparkrun25:32149Hampstead Heath parkrun # 424Hampstead Heath61.03%
30 Jun5M00:37:321225Summer LeaguePerivale67.58%
29 Junparkrun29:00253Hampstead Heath parkrun # 423Hampstead Heath53.74%
22 Junparkrun24:10114Hampstead Heath parkrun # 422Hampstead Heath64.48%
15 Junparkrun22:05851Hackney Marshes parkrun # 469Hackney Marshes70.57%
08 Junparkrun23:4783Hampstead Heath parkrun # 420Hampstead Heath65.52%
25 Mayparkrun24:0095Hampstead Heath parkrun # 418Hampstead Heath64.93%
11 Mayparkrun24:381231Hampstead Heath parkrun # 416Hampstead Heath63.26%
04 Mayparkrun26:18174Hampstead Heath parkrun # 415Hampstead Heath59.25%
28 AprMar3:49:173:49:1711322573Virgin London Marathon London 62.79%
28 AprMar3:49:1711321573Virgin London MarathonLondon62.79%
20 Aprparkrun24:47104Hampstead Heath parkrun # 413Hampstead Heath62.88%
06 Aprparkrun26:55204Hampstead Heath parkrun # 411Hampstead Heath57.89%
16 Marparkrun23:15118Finsbury Park parkrun # 460Finsbury Park67.03%
16 Marparkrun00:23:151182Finsbury Park parkrun Finsbury Park 67.03%
09 Marparkrun23:1872Hampstead Heath parkrun # 407Hampstead Heath66.88%
23 Febparkrun23:02128Finsbury Park parkrun # 457Finsbury Park67.66%
16 Febparkrun23:43120Hampstead Heath parkrun # 404Hampstead Heath65.71%
20 Jan10M01:20:3701:19:0931928Fred Hughes 10St Albans66.48%

10 Novparkrun22:50591Hampstead Heath parkrun # 391Hampstead Heath68.25%
29 Sepparkrun23:2277Hampstead Heath parkrun # 385Hampstead Heath66.69%
11 Augparkrun24:00591Whitstable parkrun # 413Whitstable64.44%
16 Junparkrun24:26122Hampstead Heath parkrun # 371Hampstead Heath63.30%
24 Febparkrun24:4090Hampstead Heath parkrun # 356Hampstead Heath62.70%
17 Febparkrun24:041071Hampstead Heath parkrun # 355Hampstead Heath64.27%

23 Decparkrun24:19621Hampstead Heath parkrun # 347Hampstead Heath63.61%
04 Marparkrun24:5781Hampstead Heath parkrun # 306Hampstead Heath61.52%

06 Augparkrun24:4068Whitstable parkrun # 306Whitstable61.82%
23 Julparkrun26:52114Hampstead Heath parkrun # 274Hampstead Heath56.76%
30 Aprparkrun26:28115Hampstead Heath parkrun # 262Hampstead Heath57.62%
23 Aprparkrun27:081471Hampstead Heath parkrun # 261Hampstead Heath56.20%
09 Aprparkrun28:09109Hampstead Heath parkrun # 259Hampstead Heath54.17%
26 Marparkrun27:05571Gunpowder parkrun # 229Gunpowder56.31%


The handicaps used for our club handicap championship are based on your best age graded performances of the last two years. Adjustments are made for how long it is since you achieved the time. As an age graded percentage your handicap is: 70.39%

This equates to a race time of 24:25

The race this is based on is: Hackney Marshes parkrun # 469 2019-06-15