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Chingford League: Trent Park

23 November 2019. From 14:30.

The Chingford League races are free-to-enter for all runners (first and second claim) belonging to the member clubs. Runners collect a number bib from their team manager at the first race of the season in which they compete. They then use that number for subsequent races in that season.

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Who's Signed Up?

David Nelson
Eamon Byrne
Fiona Carr
Gary Homewood
James Murphy
Janine Makaronidis
Jennifer Moore
Katherine Atkinson
Laura Mogaji
Laurie Boult
Mike Hurford
Rafaele Lamour
rebecca taylor
Ronan Hoare
Sarah Funderburk
Sarah Hamilton
Simon Wilson
Sophie Brownlee
Stephanie Mercier
stephen west
Tina Allardyce
Tom Gibbons
Tony Him