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Essex Way

01 September 2019. From 07:00.


We have a Chasers team entered into the Essex Way relay on 1 September. The relay starts in Epping, on the outskirts of London, and meanders its way through rural Essex trails, ending in the coastal port of Harwich. There are 10 stages of the relay, varying in length from 5 to 11 miles, more details available on the Essex Way website. If you are able to drive, then please let me know in the sign up, as we need at least 3 cars to transport people between stages. Also when signing up, please let me know your preferred stage and I'll do my best to accommodate everyone. This is always a popular event, so sign up early to secure your place.

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Who's Signed Up?

Alice Sullivan
David Nelson
John Armstrong
Lara Gilman
Laura Mogaji
Laurie Boult
Lizzy Muggeridge
Mark Lamb
Nikolas Stephan
Sarah Funderburk
Sarah Hamilton
Tina Allardyce