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The 4th Karl Baddeley Memorial Beer Mile

28 February 2019. From 19:15.


Disclaimer : Karl Baddeley is alive and well (and living in Sydney)

On Thursday 28th February 2019, we will be holding the 4th Annual Karl Baddeley memorial beer mile to honour the memory of Karl.

As many of you will already know, Karl was a longstanding member of the club. He first joined back in 2015 and stayed with us right through until 2016. Karl was many things to many people: a runner, a social secretary, a lover. But in all these roles, there was one constant: Karl's performances never failed to disappoint.

Nothing lasts forever. Karl was with us for a good time but sadly not a long time. It is comforting to know he is in a better place now…..I cannot stress this enough, he’s not dead, he just moved to Australia.

This one is for you Karl.


Charity Sponsorship

Last year we managed to raise £250 for the Camden based C4WS Homeless Project.

This year we’re hoping to go one better, we’re encouraging club member to set up their own charity pages and get their friends, enemies, family & colleagues to sponsor them.  Simply choose a charity that is close to your heart (or use the nominated club charity below), set up a justgiving/mydonate page & get people to sponsor you to do something that is very foolish.

The Chalk Farm Foodbank (http://www.chalkfarm.foodbank.org.uk/) is a charity that offers emergency food and support to local people referred to them in crisis; they are the club’s nominated charity for the 2019 beer mile.  Member entering the event are who prefer not to raise money directly are asked to make a donation via the Just Giving page (the suggested minimum donation amount is £10).




Greatness is rarely achieved alone.  This event would not be possible without the kindness of our volunteers who take the time to measure & set up the course, record the times and console the fallen. Anyone who would like to volunteer please make themselves known to the organisers.



1. Who can take part? All club members are welcome to compete either in the beer mile or a soft drink alternative.  Anyone wishing to come along and support the competitors are also welcome.

2. What is a beer mile? The official rules can be found on the governing body website. Briefly: you run 4 times 400m drinking a can of beer at the start of each lap. The beer must be 5% and at least 355 ml. There is a 10m transition zone in which to drink beer. The start is at the first meter of the transition zone to ensure a full mile is run. If you vomit you must run a penalty lap.

3. Can I drink something other than beer? Only beer can be drunk for club (or world) record attempts. However, athletes who wish to consume cider, san pellegrino or similar beverages may participate informally.  Effervescence is essential.

4. Where will this take place? We will meet at Talacre and set off at 7:15pm, the event will take place at the Regents Park running track (https://goo.gl/maps/gwZdX7zbCZ42) and we’ll aim to arrive for 7:30pm and begin the competition shortly after

5. Will it be well lit? No. You should wear a headtorch.

6. Will we go to the pub afterwards? Yes. A table has been booked for 8:30pm at The Princess of Wales in Primrose Hill (https://goo.gl/maps/Jda8kJsbELQ2). If you intend to join us, please sign up so we have an idea of numbers. Anyone not competing who wishes to join us after is also welcome, just drop someone a line.

7. Will beer be provided? The club will provide the beer/drinks for the event for those who have signed up. If you wish to provide your own drinks you are welcome to do so.  Members entering the event are asked either raise money themselves through sponsorship or to make a donation to the club’s chosen charity The Chalk Farm Foodbank via the Just Giving page (the suggested donation amount is £10) -https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chasersmile2019 . 

8. Why would anyone do this? Last year's event was greatly enjoyed by all participants, much to their surprise.

9. Is it safe and sensible to run in the dark while drinking beer? No. We recommend you do not do this race. If you choose to participate you are an idiot and it is entirely at your own risk.

10. Who was Karl Baddeley? Haven’t the foggiest, never met the fella

Sign up to enter

Deadline is 28/02/2019

Who's Signed Up?

Amy Nightingale
Anthony Williams
Ben Bond
David Nelson
Jennifer Moore
Jessica Swire
John Armstrong
Mark Lamb
michele griffiths
Nikolas Stephan
Ronan Hoare
Rosie Dougherty
Sam Blackburn
Tony Him