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Croydon Half Marathon 2019

31 March 2019. From 09:15.

The club will be part funding entrance to the race, which will be at around £10 per member and available through the club website.

Please register interest and you will be made aware once places are available to purchase

Sign up to register your place (0 of 60 places left)

Who's Signed Up?

Adrian Cathersides
Alex Renton
Alex Robinson
Alice Sullivan
Amy Nightingale
Andrew Disley
Anthony Williams
Carl Heron
Carmen Harrington
Chris Zair
Ciara McManus
Claire Turner
Daan Hanssen
Daisy Wooller
Daniel Berry
Daniele Biagi
Danielle Smreczak
David Nelson
David Renton
David Thorne
Diane Morrison
Donal Moran
Eamon Byrne
Ellen Smyth
Emily Wright
Fiona Carr
Florence Childs
Giada Ferrari
Jennifer Moore
John Armstrong
joshua franks
Julie Pickering
Katharine Dixon
Laura Mogaji
Lauren Hall
Lauren Longhurst
Laurie Boult
Mansour Radjabi
Marc Cohen
Matthew Brown
May Edmondson
Myles Preston
Naomi Crowther
Nick Jones
Nikolas Stephan
Peter Lansinger
Russ Hall
Sam Blackburn
Sarah Funderburk
Simon Fitzmaurice
Stephen Fabes
Stephen Nash
Stephen West
Tina Allardyce
Tina Allardyce
Tina Bergman
Tony Him
Vincent Guillaume
viola salvestrini
William Fulton